Each year we hold an AGM in semester two so that we can elect the new exec committee for the upcoming year. If you are interested in applying for one of these roles, please speak to one of the current exec or email luums.secretary@gmail.com for more information on the application process.

Not sure what the roles entail? Have a look down below to see an overview of the responsibilities of each role. 

In our AGM we elect the following roles:

- President
- Secretary
- Treasurer

- Concerts Manager
- Publicity Officer
- Social Sec
- Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer

- Departmental Officer

We elect the Freshers Representative and newly introduced Postgraduate Representative in the

beginning of semester 1.  

The constitution is available here.

Here are the role descriptions for each position available - please note that all positions names above need to be filled. Please email Lotte at luums.secretary@gmail.com if you would like more information on how to apply. 

You can download the application here.


Working closely with: The Secretary & Treasurer, alongside all other exec/wider exec, Dan Merrick and other school of music staff, Events/ venue managers.

Key responsibilities:

  • Setting the agenda for weekly Exec meetings.

  • Chairing weekly meetings & semesterly wider exec meetings.

  • Booking venues/ percussion/ porters for concerts.

  • Assisting in the running of concerts.

  • Booking rehearsal space.

  • Organizing the year’s calendar alongside the Secretary.

  • Overseeing the running of the society as a whole, making sure all jobs get done, this may include taking on the jobs of others if for any reason they fail to complete the task themselves.

  • Delegating responsibilities within the exec, and managing the team.

  • Making decisions that will affect the society as a whole.

  • Attending assemblies/ staff-student forums as well as representing the society within the union.

  • Dealing with disciplinary and management issues across the society if necessary

Preferable skills/experience:

  • Organisation and time management skills are essential!

  • Ability to work in a team but also to use your own initiative

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Able to remain calm under pressure

  • Friendly and approachable


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current president Lara at luums.president@gmail.com




Working closely with: President, Treasurer


Key responsibilities:

  • In charge of the administration of the society.

  • Compiling rotas for freshers’ week, concert helpers, charity concert tasks,

    and audition rotas.

  • The ‘go to’ person for all enquiries about LUUMS.


Preferable Skills/experience:

  • Good organisational skills

  • Good communicating skills

  • Approachable


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current secretary Bibi at luums.secretary@gmail.com



Working closely with: President, Secretary, Social Secretary, Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer(s), Departmental Representative, Managers of all ensembles, Cash Office.

Key responsibilities:

  • Refunding Exec and Wider Exec members for music/miscellaneous items bought.

  • Getting float for concerts and raffles.

  • Counting money raised in concerts and ensemble fundraising.

  • Keeping record of all items purchased and all incoming and outgoing money on spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel or similar).

  • Keep accounts for individual ensembles, departmental activities and socials, overseeing spending for each.

  • Making the final decision on all money-based problems/items on the agenda.

  • Setting fundraising targets for all ensembles and ensuring they meet them.

  • Making sure everyone has bought membership at beginning of year.

  • Overseeing tour organisation and payments, ensuring accounts break even.

  • Work alongside Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer(s) when writing grant applications and organising sponsors, friends and patron schemes.


Preferable Skills/experience:

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel or similar software.

  • Counting skills!!

  • Time management

  • Well organised and efficient worker

  • Ability to work as part of a team but also have the initiative to make key decisions.

  • Approachable and friendly.

Any questions, or to register your interest for this position, please email the current treasurer Blae on luums.treasurer@gmail.com

Concerts Manager

Working closely with: The President, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, The Wider Exec as well as communicating with remaining members of the exec on more general matters.

Key responsibilities:

  • Attending weekly Exec meetings and semesterly Wider Exec meetings.

  • Organising the Semester 2 Open and Auditioned Showcases:

  • Finding a Venue

  • Responding to emails promptly from potential venues

  • Visit the venue to make sure it is suitable for the ensembles (liase with conductors and managers for this).

  • Publicise event (liase with Publicity).

  • Organise delivery of Percussion (liase with President).

  • Sort rehearsal times for the day of the concert

  • Rota exec and wider exec for the showcases

  • Organising the Piano and Chamber Music Showcase:

  • Advertising competitions alongside Publicity

  • Liaising with the President to ensure a venue has been booked.

  • Organising application forms for the showcase

  • Responding promptly to emails of queries regarding the competitions.

  • Creating a rota for the event

  • Planning and overseeing the running of the event

  • Delegating each member of the exec and wider exec roles for concerts.

  • Managing front of house and logistics of concerts.

  • Maintaining the refreshment stock and requesting urns for concerts that require it.

  • Sorting out last minute problems!


Preferable skills/experience:

  • Ability to work effectively and patiently with others.

  • Good organisation skills.

  • Calm demeanour.

  • Welcoming and friendly attitude (important for concerts!).

  • Enthusiasm!


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current Concerts Manager, Elizabeth at luums.concertsmanager@gmail.com

Publicity Officer


Working closely with: All wider exec ensemble teams and the rest of the exec committee, especially the President and Concerts Manager, Chris Pelly and the Print and Copy Bureau.

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing posters, banners, covers, programmes, tickets and any other advertisement material for LUUMS events including concerts, departmental talks and socials.

  • Running the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

  • Keeping the website up-to-date.

  • Printing programmes for any events not taking place in the School of Music.

  • Arranging the printing of programmes for events in the School of Music (usually involves emailing Chris Pelly).

  • Assisting in the running of concerts.

  • Having good relations with ensemble management teams.

  • Advertising each concert in good time.

  • Attending weekly exec meetings and occasional performance society assemblies with other members of the exec to represent the society within the union.

  • Keeping to deadlines and managing other people to do so.

Preferable skills/experience:

  • Organisation and time management skills.

  • Good creative and design skills.

  • Experience with word processing and design programmes.

  • Experience of social media and how it can be used for advertisement.

  • Communication.

  • Able to remain calm under pressure.

  • Friendly and approachable.

  • Good patience and interpersonal skills.


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current Publicity Officer Lydia at luums.publicity@gmail.com

Social Secretary


Working closely with: President, Treasurer, Departmental Rep, Fundraiser, Union

events team

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organising society-wide socials and events

  • Sorting out a regular social venue, normally in partnership with the society’s sponsor

  • Organise the LUUMS ball, including booking a venue and liaising with the venue’s event planner

  • Organise the intro party

  • Attend exec & wider committee meetings

  • Take part in all social events throughout the year


Preferable skills/experience:

  • Good communicator

  • Sociable and approachable

  • Inclusive and wary of everyone in the society


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current Social secretary Romy at luums.socialsec@gmail.com

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Working closely with: Friends of LUUMS, Sponsors and businesses, Social Sec, Publicity officer, President


Key responsibilities:

  • Sorting the sponsorship deals with businesses

  • Reading and signing the contracts offered

  • Overseeing Friends of LUUMS

  • Sending off the Friends of LUUMS newsletter regularly

  • Assisting throughout the concerts

  • Offering a hand to the other exec should they need help


Preferable skills/experience:

  • Charity work

  • Confidence

  • Communication

  • Friendly and open to talk to

  • Negotiating skills

  • Ability to keep calm

  • Computing skills


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer Lucy

at luums.fundraising@gmail.com

Departmental Officer

Working closely with: School of Music, BAPAM Rep, rest of executive committee.

Key responsibilities:

  • • Liaising with the department and the society to organise workshop events, talks and workshops based around careers, general interest, charities, health etc. of your choosing.

  • • Liaising with social sec to organise Friday Feature events. 

  • • Be the link between the society and the music department.

  • • Encouraging school of music students who are not in ensembles to get involved with LUUMS.

  • • Organising and running Intra Mural Sports (should you wish to do them).

  • • Giving the perspective of music students and the School of Music

  • • Assisting at Concerts and LUUMS events.

Preferable skills/experience:

  • Organisation

  • Event planning

  • Leadership (if running sports)

  • Friendly and Approachable

  • Knowledge of the music department


Any questions or to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact the current Departmental Officer Sam at luums.departmental@gmail.com

Freshers Representative

(position opening September/October 2020)

The Freshers Representative works closely with the whole executive committee, attending meetings and contributing to the way that the society is run. The main role of the Freshers Rep is to represent all first year students and be their voice within the society. Responsibilities include attending the weekly meetings as well as all socials and concerts.

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