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music society

  • Ensemble Give It a Goes.                                                                          2/10/23

  • LUUMS Intro Party                                                                                    14/10/23

  • Elections for a Freshers and Postgraduate Representative             23/10/23

  • LUUMS Pyjama Party Otley Run                                                            10/11/23

  • Sinfonia and Symphonic Choir Winter Concert                                   18/11/23

  • Chorus and Concert Band                                                                       19/11/23

  • Chamber Choir and Brass Band Winter Concert                                25/11/23

  • SWO and String Orchestra Winter Concert                                         26/11/23

  • Symphony Orchestra Winter Concert                                                    2/12/23

  • Percussion Ensemble Winter Concert                                                   3/12/23

Nous nous efforçons constamment de faire de LUUMS le meilleur possible - et nous avons besoin de votre aide. Si vous avez des commentaires sur LUUMS, par exemple concernant la façon dont la société est dirigée, les ensembles, les réseaux sociaux ou la diversité et l'inclusivité, nous aimerions avoir de vos nouvelles. Toutes les réponses sont complètement anonymes. Si vous souhaitez avoir de nos nouvelles concernant vos commentaires, n'hésitez pas à nous laisser votre e-mail et nous vous contacterons.

Remplissez simplement le formulaire suivant ici:

  • How do I join an ensemble?
    To join a non-auditioned ensemble, simply check out our website to see the rehearsal time and venue and come along, make sure to join the ensemble facebook group too! For auditioned ensembles, please submit a video of you performing 2 contrasting pieces (2 mins each) & a short dialogue of your musical experiences to & your chosen ensemble email address.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    Full membership costs £20 and gives you access to all ensembles, discounted tickets and performance opportunities. Departmental membership costs £5 and gives you access to composers ensemble, performance opportunities through the Friday feature and discounts to various events.
  • Can I use the practice rooms as a non-music student?
    Unfortunately, because the music rooms are located in the school of music, students that study music have full priority over using these and as LUUMS members (that don’t study music) you are only permitted to use these during rehearsal times when appropriate.
  • When does each ensemble rehearse?
    To see our rehersal times please see our schedule on the luu website, linked below!
  • Can I join as a Pianist?
    Yes! As a Pianist you can join LUUMS with our Departmental membership (£5), which gives you access to our socials, concerts as well as other opportunities. This includes our annual Piano and Chamber showcase where you can perform as either a soloist or part of a chamber ensemble. On top of this, there are opportunities to play with some our larger ensembles for that require pianists for particular repertoire.
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